On the Move with Peter Schallenmuller (Rome City Institute)

For our second 'On the Move with...' feature we are excited to introduce Peter Schallenmuller who is a 20 year old from Littleton, Colorado, United States. He is currently studying abroad and playing basketball in Rome, Italy. His adoptive parents have been supporting him through these opportunities alongside his biological parents, who he recently reunited with.

  1. How did you get into basketball?As long as I can remember I have always had a basketball in my hands. At a young age I played any sport I could but, ultimately fell in love with basketball because of the fast pace and competitive nature of the game.
  2. What are your other interests? I love to travel and see new things. Something about moving to a new country and knowing nobody or nothing about the culture is bittersweet. Learning a new culture, language, and lifestyle brings a certain level of discomfort that continues to humble me and help me excel.
  3. Where’s your favourite place you’ve travelled? I have to say Rome, the history within this city is so fascinating to me. The culture is so unique and the food and weather couldn’t be better.
  4. Where do you want to travel next? I would love to see the Amalfi Coast, I have always had a love for the beach and smaller cities built near the water. From what I’ve seen it’s one of the most beautiful places in Europe.
  5. What’s inside your travel bag? Being a basketball player, I travel with loads and loads of sneakers. Oddly enough I keep salt in my bag to help with cramps. My headphones, lots of tape, and comfy clothes to change in when practice or games are over with.
  6. What’s next for you? Looking to get back into “The States” and continue my career in university or start coaching in my hometown while continuing to chase my dreams and helping others achieve theirs.


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